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Re: Connect to DOS box

Mirko Parthey wrote:

Another useful software for your toolbox could be etherboot.
A few years ago, I used a floppy image generated by their rom-o-matic to boot
KNOPPIX over the network on an old machine without PXE support.
The servers in KNOPPIX supporting network boot (DHCP, TFTP, ...) are called
"terminal server", which is somewhat misleading.

I'm not sure if it is possible at all to run a full-featured Linux live
CD on a machine with 16 MB of RAM, even in console mode without X.
You might want to try an older or cut-down live CD distribution with a
smaller RAM footprint.

I have run DSL (Damn Small Linux) off LiveCD using an AMD586 machine
with 16MB total RAM. Used Smart Boot Manager to boot the CDROM, since
that machine's BIOS is not capable.

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