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checkinstall lacking on stable

In this early stage of "lenny", using both amd64 and
i386 for biochemical computation I preferred to stay
at "etch". Though, my machines - even the parallel
amd64 one - are no typical server. That is, I need
from time to time to install packages that are not on
Debian distribution (or not GNU at all) and which run
faster if compiled with special non-GNU compilers.

I am now at such cases for amd64 (dual core opterons)
with OpenMPI (a parallelization support) and Amber (a
molecular dynamics package), which I wish to compile
with my installed intel fortran and c. Although "make
install" should provide the installations, I prefer to
pass through "checkinstall", also because I am no
expert and thus unsure to be able to keep track of all
files installed.

I got the surprise of not finding "checkinstall" on
"etch", for both amd64 and i386, though I don't care
for the latter.


(1) Which the reason for removing "checkinstall" from
"etch", in view of my reasons above?

(2) How to remedy? Just by compiling on "etch"
"checkinstall" from source? Or are dependencies not
hurtled if a install "checkinstall" with "apt-get
install" on "etch" "checkinstall" taked from "lenny"?


francesco pietra

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