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Re: Aptitude warning msg

Hi Kushal, Douglas,

On 6/14/07, Kushal Kumaran <kushal@it.iitb.ac.in> wrote:

> So, does this mean that /var/lib/lists is configured during installation of
> Debian?

aptitude update writes the files in that directory.  They are the
package lists downloaded from the repository.  These simply contain
the list of packages available in that repository, along with other
metadata such as available version numbers, descriptions, etc.  You
can open the files in any text editor to see their contents.

Using aptitude show <pkgname>, for example, picks up the metadata from
these files.

For your sources.list, aptitude has downloaded the package list from

Thanks for explaining. I learn a little every day.

On 6/14/07, Douglas Allan Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:

Just do another aptitude update.  Aptitude will fix its
/var/lib/apt/lists and all will be well.

It works as you said it would. Aptitude is not complaining anymore.
Thanks for your highly appreciated advice.

Greetings and thanks to the both of you, Manon.

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