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Re: crob chgrp

Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> The main problem with your suggestion is that the default umask of 022
> doesn't do any good even if your directory is group sticky.  You would
> need a umask of 002.

Thank you for mentioning that.  I had forgotten to mention umask.
Fortunately umask is an easy, easy, easy thing to set.

> But, depending on the structore of other things on your
> machine/network you may not want that for other reasons.

Right.  We are both guessing as to the needs of the original poster.

> Anyhow, the nice thing about using fam is that you can have it
> trigger when the file appears (is created or moved in) and then it
> does not need to be done again.

The nice thing about sgid directories and groups is that it will
automatically create the files with the right modes and then nothing
will need to be set after that.  :-)

I think we can agree that there is more than one way to accomplish the
goal and that we like different ways of doing things.


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