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Re: Printing with lprng; no CUPS! :-)

On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 01:29:49AM +0000, s. keeling wrote:
> > > aptitude -R install foomatic-filters-ppds
> > 
> >  And what does apt-get install foomatic-filters-ppds get you?
>    -------------------------------
> (0) heretic /home/keeling_ dpkg -L foomatic-filters-ppds | wc -l
> 2696

That doesn't answer my question when taken in the context of your
original statement.

> So, perhaps ca. two thousand, six hundred, and ninety five files which
> have nothing to do with my printer?  At least they're all gzipped ...

Lets see... it has printer ppds and a bit of documentation. Precisely
what you asked it to install. Sure, they could split it up to 2700
packages but I think the maintainer felt it was more manageable this

> > > The following packages are unused and will be REMOVED:
> >  ...
> > > Considering all the confusion and myriad pleas from people trying to
> > > get CUPS working on their systems, should we really be going down this
> > > road?  CUPS has made a mess of printer configuration.
> > 
> >  It has? WFM. First go too.
> Good for you, I'm glad for you; and irrelevant.  Yes, CUPS works.
> What if you don't want to use CUPS?  Have you not seen all the posts

Then don't use it.

> from noobs pleading for help with CUPS configs?  I'm supporting a
> person who's using CUPS.  Going to the CUPS localhost:631 port gets us
> a username & password prompt, and even root password is refused (*buntu).

Ubuntus configuration of CUPS is prettymuch irrelevant on a debian mailing

Debians configuration of CUPS and its web based configuration allows me
to use the root password to configure and manage it.

    "To the extent that we overreact, we proffer the terrorists the
    greatest tribute."
    	- High Court Judge Michael Kirby

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