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Re: Complete KDE crash (since last upadate)

On Sat, May 26, 2007 at 01:58:25 +0200, kristian DOT mailinglists AT ewetel DOT net wrote:


> I am very sorry, but this gave no important information. The Xorg.0.log 
> shows just some warnings about missed fonts, before and after login the 
> same.
> The syslog shows nothing!
> The strange for me is that it seems no one else has this failure. So it 
> should not have to do with the kde packages. Maybe with a combination af 
> packages which do not fit together perfectly?

That can happen and it is often very difficult to track down. I think
your best bet is now to start a new thread on the debian-kde list.
Include a concise summary of all that we know and have tried so far, and
provide a link to this thread. A couple of KDE developers are reading
debian-kde, so maybe one of them knows how to proceed. I think it is
important that you describe as accurately as possible in which stage of
the startup (i.e. at which splash screen icon) the system hangs.

One more thing to try before that is to run

aptitude search '~i!~Odebian'

to get a list of all non-Debian (or obsolete) packages on your system.
You could try to remove them (temporarily) and see if the situation

Otherwise I am out of ideas now, except for rather desperate actions
like purging both KDE and Xorg completely and reinstalling them.

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