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Re: (OT) Looking for Cell Phone/PDA Recommendations

On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 09:59:36PM -0700, Mark Phillips wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 May 2007 20:59, Rob Sims wrote:
> > How about the Wing?  I'm reasonably happy with the predecessor, the MDA.
> > You need to download Java if you need it (I did it to try an app, so I
> > know it works).

> > I plan on trying the Wing soon.  The manual is on-line under the support
> > tab.

According to the manual, Java is now built in.  The only missing feature
appears to be an IrDA port.  Used it once.

> I looked at the Wing, and it is very thick - really much to thick to carry on 
> a belt and even in a pants pocket. It is also very heavy. From a feature 
> standpoint, it is a super phone/pda. But, IMO, it fails as a portable phone. 
> Just too much to carry around all day. When I put it in my pocket in the 
> store 2 things happended - three sales guys started to follow me and I felt 
> as if I were listing to starboard as I walked around the store, it was so 
> heavy and bulky in my pocket...;-)

I use the belt clip case that came with the MDA, which is even thicker
than the Wing (1" vs 0.7"), and find it not to be an issue.  I'm a big
guy, though.

Another point about phone usage is that without an earpiece, you can hit
the screen with your cheek, though that hasn't been a real problem like
it was on the iPaq 6315 (talk about bulky...)

> I also think they took away the touch screen, but I may be wrong on that 
> point.

I'm fairly sure it's still there.

> They are available in T-mobile stores if you want to try one out. Let me know 
> what you think.

Whatever you end up with, I can really recommend the Garmin GPS10.  It
includes software for Windows, Windows Mobile, and Palm.  It does a
great job of routing, and integrates with the address book.  The GPS
iself works fine with Linux.

If you find something thinner, and not an iPhone, let us know.  

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