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Re: ask for suggestion: which filesystem suits for both Linux and Mac OSx

Marko Randjelovic wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
On 05/23/07 20:40, Ken Hu wrote:
¼ Wed2007-05-23 ¼ 21:25 -0400Douglas Allan Tutty Ð0
What filesystems can your Mac OSx read and write?
Well , I think the filsystem my mac uses is HFS, but I can find no way
to mount HFS on Linux.
Of course my Mac can read cdrom or dvdrom, but what I need is to plug my
usb external hard drive to my mac just as my original post said.
The hfs & hfs+ drivers might not (probably aren't??)  built by
default.  You'd have to roll your own kernel.  Not too difficult.

They are built as module in Etch kernel (2.6.18-4). So your root
partition cannot be hfs unless you recompile the kernel. Also, i am not
sure about boot partition, because i don't know if grub supports it. If
you need boot partition, i would try lilo.

The OP was interested in support for an external USB hard disk, to be shared between a Mac and PC. So, probably not to be used for booting.

The modules are hfs.ko and hfsplus.ko. If you want them available all the time, you can add 'hfs' and 'hfsplus' on separate lines in the /etc/modules file.


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