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Re: fetchmail: POP3< -ERR unable to scan $HOME/Maildir

Ron Johnson wrote:

I believe this happens after i accidently did something similar to `rm
-rf *' in $HOME(it's `rsync --delete'). I just fix Maildir by
`maildirmake ~/Maildir', but the problem still exists.
Why is POP looking in $HOME/Maildir?  ~/Maildir is where emails are
deposited after being fetched from the POP server.

$HOME/Maildir and ~/Maildir are the same directory. The former is usually
more "script friendly"...

Yes, I know.  It was easier to type "~" than "$HOME"

The question still stands: why is the POP server looking in ~/Maildir?

I think that is the way that the OP's server admin has the MTA configured. I know that it is an option in qmail and postfix, as to where the messages are deposited...


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