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Re: ask for suggestion: which filesystem suits for both Linux and Mac OSx

Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 05/23/07 20:40, Ken Hu wrote:
>> ¼ Wed2007-05-23 ¼ 21:25 -0400Douglas Allan Tutty Ð0
>>> What filesystems can your Mac OSx read and write?
>> Well , I think the filsystem my mac uses is HFS, but I can find no way
>> to mount HFS on Linux.
>> Of course my Mac can read cdrom or dvdrom, but what I need is to plug my
>> usb external hard drive to my mac just as my original post said.
> The hfs & hfs+ drivers might not (probably aren't??)  built by
> default.  You'd have to roll your own kernel.  Not too difficult.

They are built as module in Etch kernel (2.6.18-4). So your root
partition cannot be hfs unless you recompile the kernel. Also, i am not
sure about boot partition, because i don't know if grub supports it. If
you need boot partition, i would try lilo.

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