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Re: Offline TexLive Installation

On 2007-05-24, David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> wrote:
> This stuff takes at least 600m and is not used every day.
> Is it possible to install it offline, i.e. to a CD or DVD, and then insert 
> this when I am using Tex with these language/font options?

I installed texlive in aptitude - I opened up texlive-full, and rather
than select the meta-package, I went through manually selecting only
the bits I wanted. To be safe, if I didn't know what something was I
installed it. But I did manage to save several hundred MB by not
installing various language support packages etc. If I were to install
texlive-full now, aptitude reports it will use 678MB of disk space, so
I think that's how much space I saved the first time around? I think
that's probably accurate, as some of the individual packages that are
uninstalled report sizes more than 100MB.



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