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heimdal kerberos on debian?


does anyone have a link to a howto for heimdal kerberos (even basic)?

i couldn't find anything for debian+heimdal(+openldap - heimdal can
store it's data in ldap). I found this:
http://www.openinput.com/auth-howto/index.html which seems to be
somewhat the reference of heimdal kerberos howtos (just about every
link chain i found leads there).

Since I'm doing this right now I mailed the author if he could provide
me with the source for his howto so that I could generate a debian
howto for a situation similiar to the one described there.

The packages as aptitude search shows are there, i just wonder why
nobody seems to use it, are there major reasons to stay away from
heimdal or is it just the absence of howtos?

Martin Marcher

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