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Re: Query on adding a USB hdd

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
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Mike McCarty wrote:

The purpose of encryption is to prevent sharing of information.
Using it on a disc which is intended to be used on multiple
machines or OS seems, umm, odd. For portable/removable media,
the appropriate security seems to me to be physical security.
Like with credit cards, the appropriate measure seems to me
to be not to let it fall into the wrong hands. Someone who
has physical access to your disc has all the time in the
world to try to break encryption.


No matter, encryption is always more secure than no encryption.

It compromises "sharability". If the goal is to share info, then
why encrypt? If the goal is to protect info, then physical security
is the way to go. Adding encryption only slows down access in a
case like that.




If it falls in the hands of Joe Average, probably simply using
unencrypted ext3 as fs might be enough 'encryption', because when he
attaches the 'found' disk to his computer the familiar pop-up window
asking about opening the data in a folder would be missing and he
wouldn't know what to do with the disk.


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