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Re: heimdal kerberos on debian?

Project pages are at:

and manual at:
http://www.h5l.se/manual/heimdal-0-7-branch/info/heimdal.html and you can install it too.

Heimdal communicates with LDAP trough unix sockets and I believe that there is still a problem that heimdal expects it to be in /var/run/ldapi and slapd actually creates  /var/run/slapd/ldapi,  but you can fix it trough appropriate start option for slapd (in /etc/default/slapd)
I am not sure if debian ships with appropriate schema for heimdal, but it is included in heimdal source, sou you can download it and use it (no need to compile it).
 Otherwise it runs fine with debian.

Little trickier is to build smbk5pwd overlay on debian if you really need it.

2007/5/23, Martin Marcher <martin.marcher@gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> does anyone have a link to a howto for heimdal kerberos (even basic)?
> i couldn't find anything for debian+heimdal(+openldap - heimdal can
> store it's data in ldap). I found this:
> http://www.openinput.com/auth-howto/index.html which seems to be
> somewhat the reference of heimdal kerberos howtos (just about every
> link chain i found leads there).
> Since I'm doing this right now I mailed the author if he could provide
> me with the source for his howto so that I could generate a debian
> howto for a situation similiar to the one described there.
> The packages as aptitude search shows are there, i just wonder why
> nobody seems to use it, are there major reasons to stay away from
> heimdal or is it just the absence of howtos?
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