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Re: why linux?

On Tue, May 22, 2007 at 03:14:54PM -0400, S C wrote:
> I agree that you have to apply yourself, but when you
> are simply applying yourself to run in circles it gets
> frustrating.  Plus, my computer needs a device to
> switch it off when I get overtired.  That rant was
> nothing; you should have seen the hoops I had to jump
> through to restore files when I deleted the wrong one.
>  Fun comes in all flavours.
> As mentione, I need a jumping off place and a
> methodology to follow and a way to know that the
> information I am getting is current or applies to 2.8
> or something worse.

I use command line for most things except reading pdfs and most web
browsing and I don't own a digital camera.  Here's the jumping off point
I would suggest.

1.	install mc (midnight commander) as an easy way to view
documentation and explore the system.  It also provides a good editor
for most stuff; later you can add your editor-of-choice.

2.	install lynx.

3.	install aptitude-doc and read it.

4.	install debian-reference.  Yes its a bit dated but most of it
	still applies except for X (since Etch changed to Xorg).

5.	Explore all the documentation you now have in /usr/share/doc.

6.	Learn to use aptitude interactively.

You should now have a fully functional command-line environment.  Since
you want to work with a digital camera, do some research on which
package you want to use.  There is one for KDE and Gnome.  While either
can be used with any desktop environment or window manager, each brings
in a boatload of libraries related to their respective DTE.  As I
understand it, the choice of Gnome vs KDE is just preference; they are
both fully functional.  Personally, I like KDE's file selector widget.
I also use Konqeror.  However, I don't need a whole DTE so just use Xfce
or Icewm.

Now pick one problem as a project, look at the docs you have, use
aptitude to search the package lists, use google to search the
lists.debian.org archives, then finally ask one good specific question.

Good luck.


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