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Re: why linux?

I agree that you have to apply yourself, but when you
are simply applying yourself to run in circles it gets
frustrating.  Plus, my computer needs a device to
switch it off when I get overtired.  That rant was
nothing; you should have seen the hoops I had to jump
through to restore files when I deleted the wrong one.
 Fun comes in all flavours.

As mentione, I need a jumping off place and a
methodology to follow and a way to know that the
information I am getting is current or applies to 2.8
or something worse.

It'll come.  I used to program IBM mainframes; in many
ways that was worse.  If you don't believe me, try
reading IBM documentation.

What I should do is ignore those who ignore me; simply
don't return.

And, by the way, thanks to all who responded in a more
or less rational manner.

I'd light a candle for you, except with my luck it'd
probably drip on the keyboard.

--- "Eric A. Bonney"
<mailinglists@vanhlebarsoftware.com> wrote:

> S C wrote:
> > For months now I have been trying to make Debian
> behave like a real 
> > OS.  However, I still cannot print,
> format/initialize a new cd or use 
> > one to back up files, get the sound working, watch
> a movie or read 
> > images from my digital camera.  With Windows all
> this was simple.  I 
> > downloaded the relevant program, set it up and it
> worked.  Windows is 
> > supposed to be devilspawn and doomed, and maybe it
> is.  It does, 
> > however, have one saving grace; it works.  It
> works without expecting 
> > me to become a systems engineer.
> >
> > When I go to someplace like freenode/#debian I am
> ignored.  Maybe I 
> > should say to Hell with Linux and sell my story to
> Microsoft.  
> > Obviously I don't really want to, but how much
> longer should I put up 
> > with a partial OS?  I don't mind telling you I'm
> damned sick of it.
> >
> >
> > Ask a question on any topic and get answers from
> real people. *Go to 
> > Yahoo! Answers.* <http://ca.answers.yahoo.com> 
> You know...I have been giving this thread alot of
> thought.  I think the 
> issue is that we the end user expect to much from
> Linux in general and I 
> don't think that the average person thinks of
> certain things.  Like, how 
> long have you been using Windows?  I know I have
> been using Windows for 
> basically my entire adult life, yet I just started
> using Linux a little 
> over a month ago.  I realize that things are going
> to be much more 
> difficult in Linux, some because Linux is not as
> user friendly as 
> Windows, but mostly because it is new to me.  When I
> first started using 
> Windows way back when, it was difficult to do much
> of anything also. 
> I think, we the new user of Linux, need to expect
> issues and things to 
> be more difficult, but that's what this mailing list
> is for, that is 
> what IRC is for.  I have had nothing but great
> experiences with both of 
> these and usually I am able to get my issues
> resolved with help from the 
> folks there and with some research on my own. 
> It all boils down to the fact that we have to be
> willing to put forth a 
> little bit of work ourselves if we want things to
> work properly, even in 
> Windows.
> -Eric

      Ask a question on any topic and get answers from real people. Go to Yahoo! Answers and share what you know at http://ca.answers.yahoo.com

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