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Re: why linux?

(mail sent both to list and OP)
S C wrote:
> I agree that you have to apply yourself, but when you
> are simply applying yourself to run in circles it gets
> frustrating.
Take a deep breath, regroup and attack from a different angle :-)
>   Plus, my computer needs a device to
> switch it off when I get overtired.
I'm looking for one to switch me off...
> As mentione, I need a jumping off place and a
> methodology to follow and a way to know that the
> information I am getting is current or applies to 2.8
> or something worse.
The current information starts in your machine, ...(read on)
> It'll come.  I used to program IBM mainframes; in many
> ways that was worse.  If you don't believe me, try
> reading IBM documentation.
This is a good starting point. You should be comfortable using the tools
described in "The Unix Programming environment", which is a gem of a
book by Kernighan and Pike. ~300 pages. Well written without being
chatty. (A more modern descendant exists, i forget its name. At this
level being modern is not important). ANY well stocked library should
have it. Assimilate the contents and add one or two modernizations like
using "less(1)" instead of "more(1)". Sit down and READ the manual page
for less. This will give you the necessary tools to find your way around
YOUR machine. Learn a text-editor, either vi or emacs (descendant).
Getting this far will equip you to follow the workings of your machine,
find the point where it does not do what you want and ask pertinent
questions in forums such as this.

An alternative approach is to get someone to set up the machine for you,
or get a more user-friendly distro, like ubuntu (which I've never used).

A third approach (orthogonal to the two first) is: try a bootable CD,
like knoppix. See what they offer in their menus and see how they do
things. Take the tips you like back to your work on your debian machine.
Debian almost always offers a package of anything that catches your
fancy in some other distro.

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