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Re: pdflatex from TeXLive produces much bigger pdf-file than in teTeX?


I have noticed that, by default, pdflatex is no more pdflatex:
does your pdflatex links tp pdftex ?

my two cents,

Jörg-Volker Peetz wrote:
Kushal Kumaran wrote:
I hope you mean the file size has increased, not the page count.

The newer pdflatex embeds all (most?) fonts in the pdf file.  Try
running pdffonts on pdf files produced by different versions of
pdflatex.  I believe this is typically what you want, especially when
outputting camera-ready pdfs for printing, etc.

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I mean the file size. The pdf-files
viewed with xpdf look exactly the same with the same number of pages.
pdffonts show the same list of fonts, besides the names are shown
differently, e.g., "RUKMHG+CMSS10" and "YPMWQI+CMSS10".


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