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Re: pdflatex from TeXLive produces much bigger pdf-file than in teTeX?

Kushal Kumaran wrote:
> I hope you mean the file size has increased, not the page count.
> The newer pdflatex embeds all (most?) fonts in the pdf file.  Try
> running pdffonts on pdf files produced by different versions of
> pdflatex.  I believe this is typically what you want, especially when
> outputting camera-ready pdfs for printing, etc.
Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I mean the file size. The pdf-files
viewed with xpdf look exactly the same with the same number of pages.
pdffonts show the same list of fonts, besides the names are shown
differently, e.g., "RUKMHG+CMSS10" and "YPMWQI+CMSS10".

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