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Debian on the Linksys NSLU2


I've recently installed Etch onto this box. For those who aren't aware, it's a 32Mb / 266mhz arm box. It's got enough power for what I need, but I'm obviously looking to strip what gets loaded down to a bare minimum.

As the box has no KVM (well, there is a serial port, but it's inside and I'm unlikely to open it) I'd like to remove kpsmoused and kseriod which I understart are the serial keyboard/mouse bits.

I've had a quick google around and I can't find much info on this (unfortunately, there's a match of pretty much every post with `ps aux` pasted :( ).

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated - I'd love to hear if this is a dumb idea.



George Barnett

e: george@alink.co.za
m: +44 797 457 1868

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