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Re: keyboard tweaking without X

On 2007-05-17, Amy Templeton <amy.g.templeton@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, I do know that to get rid of caps lock completely and make it
> into a control key so that it's actually *useful*, you can edit (as
> root, of course) the file /etc/console-tools/remap and uncomment
> the sed statement found there.
> Beyond that, you might check out the manuals for dumpkeys(1) and
> loadkeys(1). You can use them to create a custom keymap.
> setkeycodes(8) could probably be used to assign keycodes to things
> that produce garbage, but I could be making that up.
> I hope that helps...

Thanks I'll look into that. Now that you've inadvertently put me onto
w3m.el (if a lit student can do it...) I've finally found a text-based
browser that provides all the features I need, which drastically
reduces my need for X.



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