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[OT] Screen (was Affecting Inst. Change)

On 2007-05-09, Amy Templeton <amy.g.templeton@gmail.com> wrote:
> mmiller3 <mmiller3@iupui.edu> wrote:
>> >>>>> "Amy" == Amy Templeton <amy.g.templeton@gmail.com> writes:

> I do not use or install mouse-based programs if
> I can avoid it (I use the Stump Window Manager, and generally have
> only two frames open at any given moment:  an Emacs, in which I do
> all of my editing, emailing/mail reading, web browsing, music
> playing, etc., and an xterm running GNU Screen for miscellaneous
> tasks). 

First, for someone who claims not to be a *nix wizard you are not very
convincing. There aren't a lot of 20 year-old non-compsci geeks around
that don't at least use a graphical browser ;)

Second, and more to the (OT) point, what does screen do better than
multiple xterms, or shell-mode in Emacs? I'm pretty mouseless most of
the time, emacs and xterm being my primary tools, but I keep seeing
reference to this screen thing. Just curious... I'm going to have to
take a look at Stump now too, since Fluxbox does still have me mousing
around for a few things, mostly arranging my multiple xterms.



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