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Re: [OT] Screen (was Affecting Inst. Change)

Tyler Smith wrote:
Second, and more to the (OT) point, what does screen do better than
multiple xterms, or shell-mode in Emacs?
Possibly the nicest feature of screen is the ability to
detach it, and the ability to attach multiple times.  For
example, you can run a screen session, start a shell,
walk across the room (or the country), attach to the
session and interact with the original shell.  Or, you
can open your file and start editing, detach from
the session and log out, go home, ssh back to the
box at work and reattach to the screen session and
be sitting in the editor where you left it.   It provides
continuity by allowing you to leave your shells running
for months at a time without having to put those
phenomenally lame signs on your monitor that say,
"please don't log me out, I'm running a simulation
that may take a while and have to lock up this terminal
because I don't know any better."

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