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Re: From "Etch" to Testing ("Lenny")

On 5/6/07, Nigel Henry <cave.dnb@tiscali.fr> wrote:


The reason I am using the 2.6.11 one is that udev seems to be inconsistant
with the ordering of devices in /dev/video on bootup.

Kernel 2.6.11 (no udev) sets my TV card as /dev/video0, and the webcam
as /dev/video1. Booting with the 2.6.17 kernel, and udev is hit and miss.
Sometimes the video devices are ordered as expected, othertimes the webcam
is /dev/video0, and the TV card /dev/video1. I've got a post from a mailing
list about this problem, and have to get around to fixing it, but it's
annoying when you click on Xawtv, expecting to watch TV, and get a webcam
image of yours truly.

You can configure udev to create device nodes however you want.  So
you might have /dev/webcam as your webcam and /dev/tv as your TV card.
My udev-fu is not quite up to it yet, so I can't comment more
specifically, but you should look up one of the documents detailing
how to write udev rules.


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