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Re: Sid and Xorg

On Fri, May 04, 2007 at 09:54:25PM -0400, Frank McCormick wrote:


I had some problems after upgrading the i810 too. The resolution was set
to 1172x768 though I'm on a laptop with 1024x768. Here's what helped me:

> Section "Device"
>   Driver "i810"

You should change driver to "intel". AIUI i810 is just an alias for
intel now.

> Section "Monitor"
> 	Identifier	"NEC"
> 	Option		"DPMS"
> 	HorizSync	30-70
> 	VertRefresh	55-120

Comment out HorizSync and VertRefresh, they are autoprobed now.

> EndSection
> Section "Screen"
> 	Identifier	"Default Screen"
> 	Device		"Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller"
> 	Monitor		"NEC"
> 	DefaultDepth	24

And also all "Display subsections.

> 	SubSection "Display"

P.S. Also have a look in the BTS for the i810 (xserver-xorg-video-810),
you will find further good pointers for similar problems (that's where I
got this).
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