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Re: private LAN ldap (was Re: Bookmarks across browsers)

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 07:01:33PM -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
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> On 05/01/07 16:18, Alex Samad wrote:
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> > ldap is your friend. I run a ldap server on my box and import all my outlook
> > contacts from there into the ldap server.  Most mail clients will talk to a
> > ldap server (i use mutt on linux)
> Do you have a HOWTO on this?  All the ldap docs I've seen presume a
> large network with a FQDN.

don't really have any pointers to any how to's

basically installed slapd, I have set aside a ou for my address book, I have a
script that pulls apart a outlook export of contacts and inserts into my ldap

for outlook there is a option to link to a ldap db, just give it your base dn
and a userid password (bind id)

for mutt have a google for mutt + ldap

I haven't recently used any other mail clients, but from what I remember they
all had option to point to a ldap server - usually the setup was provide the
ldap address - ldap:// and a base dn and a bind id and password, then
bobs your uncle.

I did used to use evolution this allowed me to edit my ldap entries

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