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Re: coretemp - take3

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007, Nicolas Boichat wrote:

Rudolf Marek wrote:
Hello all,

I'm CCing all interested parties, if some isn't please tell!

On URL bellow is current version of coretemp driver.


Small glitch in coretemp_init:

   printk(KERN_NOTICE DRVNAME ": This driver uses undocumented features"

       "of Core CPU. Temperature might be wrong!\n");

Prints this in dmesg:

[46487.231000] coretemp: This driver uses undocumented featuresof Core CPU. Temperature might be wrong!

(Notice the space missing between "features" and "of")

Best regards,


This did not make it into 2.6.21?  Will it get into 2.6.22?

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