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Re: Etch back to Sarge

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 08:32:06PM +0200, bigoperm wrote:
> I figured I'd get thie question :-) After my upgrade to Etch, my network 
> card no longer works (it's a Xircom PCMCIA card (cardbus)). I've searched 
> the message boards for solutions, but can't find anything that solves my 
> problem. Unfortunately, I don't have time to figure out what's wrong, I 
> just need my machine to work. Downgrading back to Sarge seems like the best 
> option.

I ran into a similar problem when I upgraded my 486 from Sarge to Etch
and the upgrade hosed libc6 which is ofcourse fatal to the whole system.
Since neiter Etch nor Sarge's installer workes on this box (too little
memory), I'm trying out NetBSD.

Before you downgrade or reinstall, copy your /var/log and /etc files so
you can still work on this, or provide to someone working on this.
Remember that Sarge will only get security support for another year or
two (I forget which) so you'll want a solution by then.

Good luck,


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