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Re: Etch back to Sarge

2007/5/1, bigoperm <bigoperm@yahoo.com>:

I need to downgrade from Etch back to Sarge. The only resource I have is the original Sarge install CD. How can I use this CD to reinstall Sarge (over Etch) without using any data?

I did something very close to this using a local repository for apt, putted in the repository several stable packages (KDE packages, I was on testing and wanted to be closest as possible to stable cause KDE was giving me serious problem) and removed any reference to testing from sources.list

I then forced the installation of those packages using apt-get and dpkg, apt-get and the meeting of dependencies did the rest, downgrading packages in testing.

This worked for me and surely a massive dist-downgrade will need more job but if you don't want to do a fresh install this could be a way to go.


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