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Reading /proc/kmsg as a Unprivileged User

This is my problem:

mmiller@xpc1:~$ ls -l /proc/kmsg
-r-----r-- 1 root root 0 2007-05-01 07:38 /proc/kmsg
mmiller@xpc1:~$ cat /proc/kmsg
cat: /proc/kmsg: Operation not permitted

In other words, now matter how I try to set permissions on /proc/kmsg, I
can't read from it unless I'm root.  I'm running my logging daemon as an
unprivileged user, and my log files are missing kernel messages.

My Initial research mentioned SELinux, and discussed tweaking my
security policies, but I'm thinking that SELinux is not even turned on.
I'm running etch, and I've never tried to turn on SELinux, and I don't
really want to.  If I have to, then I guess I have to.

Is anyone else reading from /proc/kmsg as an unprivileged user?

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