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Re: Lost Internet Access

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 02:02:59PM -0400, Jan Sneep wrote:
> I've lost Internet access from the machine running Debian. I can
> successfully PING other computers on the LAN and can successfully PING the
> gateway router and can transfer files back and forth between machines. 

When you tranfer files back and forth between machines: Do you use their
names or their IP addresses?

> All the other machines can successfully access Internet websites, but
> just can't get there using either Epiphany or Iceweasel.

So, basically, you internet connection is OK, but that specific machine
has got a problem.

> Haven't changed any settings on the router. The only thing I can think of is
> we had a sudden power outage yesterday, But I don't think either of the
> browsers were open at the time and everything appears to startup without any
> error messages.

No error messages at all? you might have missed something - check
/var/log/syslog - things like filesystem repair and the like might be

> Any suggestions on what I can try?

Can you ping hosts out on the interweb using IP addresses? E.g. try:
    $ ping

Also try:
    $ ping galileo.jorgensen.org.uk

If the first command fails, then you have a network connectivity problem
- time to check that the network interface actually has a (correct) IP
address and that routing and firewalling doesn't get in the way.
(obviously you'll check the cable first, right? :-)

If the first command works, and the 2nd fails, then you have a name
resolution problem - and you should check /etc/resolv.conf.  

If you're using dhcp (and it sounds like you are), dhcp should take care
of setting up /etc/resolv.conf

> By the way is there an equivalent command to the Windows IPCONFIG for
> releasing and renewing IP addresses with the DHCP server?

we have /sbin/ifconfig (note that /sbin isn't in the path for normal
users) which will show the current configuration of the network
interface.  If the interface is connected and set up correctly, it
should list a network address.

I cannot remember how to control dhcpclient off the top of my head -
hopefully somebody else can help here. But this might help:
    # ifdown eth0
    # # wait for a bit
    # ifup eth0
(assuming that eth0 is your network interface)

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