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Re: edit the subject line of a thread?

P Kapat wrote in Article
<daef5be80704272149o363d3d14ubab9ef21111a56ef@mail.gmail.com> posted to

> I googled around a little bit, and did some simple mailing-replying
> actions.. It seems like gmail uses "subject" for threading the
> conversations. Kmail uses something else (i guess, In-Reply-To). Not
> just that, when you change the subject line when replying to a
> thread/conversation using gmail, it "removes" the In-Reply-To header;
> as a consequence any MUA ( i think) will get that messsage wrongly
> threaded. So, to me it seems like a problem with gmail's mailing
> system rather than MUA at the reading end... To prove the point
> (hopefully!), my next mail on this thread (using gmail) will have a
> modified subject line, check if the In-Reply-To header is removed, or
> whether it is threaded in a proper way with whichever MUA you use at
> your end..

I wonder if this is something that Google knows is wrong with GMail or not?

Paul Johnson
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