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Fwd: Hostname confusion!!

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From: Florian Kulzer <florian.kulzer+debian@icfo.es>
Date: Apr 21, 2007 3:42 PM
Subject: Re: Hostname confusion!!
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org

On Sat, Apr 21, 2007 at 20:38:43 +0100, Steven Maddox (Architect) wrote:
Hi folks,

HELP! -- I could REALLY use your help here before I muck up further!

I have installed my Debian etch server on the idea it was going to be
called 'sinclair' so this is the hostname I told it to use during

Later I decided to renamed it to 'dedicated'  (n.b. This made more sense as
it was 'Sinclair Dedicated' with 'Sinclair' being the networks name, not
the PC itself)
So I changed the data in /etc/hostname to simply 'dedicated' and then

However!  When I have installed other things that automatically check what
the hostname is, they guess it as 'sinclair'
However However! When I log in using SSH with its motd greeting, and when
looking at system logs its using the name 'dedicated'
SO obviously the name 'sinclair' is still knocking about somewhere :(

Now to add to the confusion (sorry) - I don't want either of these names as
I have finally picked what it should be called...

My question is this... can someone offer me a complete list of files that
should be modified that contain the name of the PC or the hostname so I can
change them to the new name
I already know about /etc/hostname    -    What others could use changing?

I used this

it is tested on CentOS and Fedora but could give an idea.

also check this document.


look for setting the hostname part.

hope it helps.

Guillermo Garron
"Linux IS user friendly... It's just selective about who its friends are."
(Using FC6, CentOS4.4 and Ubuntu 6.06)

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