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OK guys,

Thanks for all the assistance. Yes, a different drive still might be the solution for Debian, which looked like the easiest thing to do from the outset. Cable-wise it would have been nice to make use of the extra SATA cable that came with the mobo for the DVD, sadly I had a look inside on the off-chance (put it together 6 months ago so couldnt remember) sadly IDE only.

I was under the impression that making a boot USB stick was similar to making a boot floppy, and required a working linux system. I will have a go at making a USB stick to see what happens. Money is neither a problem nor no object :P so getting a $20 CD would only be a problem if it turned out not to work! But it would be easier than a $100 4GB USB - I have a 1GB USB which should do the trick.

BUT, the good news is WOOOHOOOT! Ubuntu 7.04 jsut booted and installed :) so I have at least got Mr. W. Gates out of my life at last :) (I am sure Maple/Mathematica/Matlab can be tortured into running under Linux (?) (first two anyways))

Now I am in the market for more storage, so will probably add a fivers worth of floppy drive just for quaintness' sake :)

So, yes after that Debian will be a possibility floppy/USB wise HOWEVER, afaik Ubuntu is made out of old bits of Debian (?) so how come it works and Debian doesn't ? See Debian claims to be universal and it isnt! I would like to have bootable DVD's because I am mixing and matching OS's for a bit until I settle on what I like.... and I think that Debian *ought* to at least do what Ubuntu does - the student surpassing the teacher? (or in this case the child surpassing the parent) Maybe you guys might know the right IRC channels to prod (to get Debian back up to pace with Ubuntu)?

OK, I'm off to play with my new OS :) Doubtless I will back here asking more stupid questions in no time!

Thanks for all the fish.


On 4/21/07, Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> wrote:
On Sat, Apr 21, 2007 at 12:05:10AM +0200, Marko Randjelovic wrote:
> Neil Sumner wrote:
> >
> > the solution is to get a new mobo?
> >
> Of course not, first try with another drive. And just felt on my mind,
> maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to put newer firmware on that drive.
> Look at Sony's site for the latest firmware.

yeah, I agree. try a different drive. try a different cable or
cable/port configuration. update firmware. etc etc etc before the


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