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Re: Oh, yeah: Unable to switch to TTY from X

On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 05:36:21PM -0400, Amy Templeton wrote:
> Bob McGowan wrote:
> > > > I presume you mean that using the 'Alt-Ctl-F#' keys
> > > > fails to switch to a tty console
> Amy Templeton wrote:
> > > Yes, that's correct. Also note that before I start X (or
> > > after I exit it altogether), I *can* switch from VT to
> > > VT with Alt-F#.
> So per a previous suggestion, I've attached my xorg.conf. I
> don't see anything in there that would cause this.
> > > I am able to kill X with C-M-<backspace>.
> Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> > so that means your C and M are mapped right, maybe your F
> > keys aren't? this gets into things I don't know about, but
> > that's where I'd look. Pull up a program that uses F keys
> > and see if they work properly. or use xev to see what
> > happens.
> I know for a fact that my F-whatever keys work correctly,
> because I use them very frequently in Emacs (and have them
> mapped to f# in the input file). 
> It seems it may be a problem, however, with the
> control-alt-F# keystroke getting sent to the current window
> (or to the root window, if there is no window at present),
> because when I hit C-M-F# (this means the same as writing
> out ctrl-alt-F#), Emacs says that "<C-M-f#> is undefined."
> Similarly, in an xterm, C-M-F1 prints "P" and C-M-F2 prints
> "Q." It's very odd. Is there a way to make sure that X
> intercepts these keystrokes, perhaps?

this is all really familiar, but is out of my little knowledge world
here. I believe that the behavior above is the problem and it must
have something to do with your keymaps, but beyond that I don't know.

... time passes... 

okay, I grepped the archives a bit. 

try this

xmodmap -pk | grep VT

mine shows:

andrew@debian:~$ xmodmap -pk | grep VT
     67         0xffbe (F1)     0x1008fe01 (XF86_Switch_VT_1)
     68         0xffbf (F2)     0x1008fe02 (XF86_Switch_VT_2)
     69         0xffc0 (F3)     0x1008fe03 (XF86_Switch_VT_3)
     70         0xffc1 (F4)     0x1008fe04 (XF86_Switch_VT_4)
     71         0xffc2 (F5)     0x1008fe05 (XF86_Switch_VT_5)
     72         0xffc3 (F6)     0x1008fe06 (XF86_Switch_VT_6)
     73         0xffc4 (F7)     0x1008fe07 (XF86_Switch_VT_7)
     74         0xffc5 (F8)     0x1008fe08 (XF86_Switch_VT_8)
     75         0xffc6 (F9)     0x1008fe09 (XF86_Switch_VT_9)
     76         0xffc7 (F10)    0x1008fe0a (XF86_Switch_VT_10)
     95         0xffc8 (F11)    0x1008fe0b (XF86_Switch_VT_11)
     96         0xffc9 (F12)    0x1008fe0c (XF86_Switch_VT_12)

this is from:

also, any (EE)rrors in your /var/log/Xorg.0.log



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