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Re: Oh, yeah: Unable to switch to TTY from X

On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 04:37:42PM -0400, Amy Templeton wrote:
> Bob McGowan wrote:
> > > > I presume you mean that using the 'Alt-Ctl-F#' keys
> > > > fails to switch to a tty console
> Door Templeton wrote:
> > > Yes, that's correct. Also note that before I start X (or
> > > after I exit it altogether), I *can* switch from VT to
> > > VT with Alt-F#.
> Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> > I had the same problem just recently after my machine had
> > been up for a couple of days following an upgrade to Etch.
> > Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the problem, so I
> > just rebooted (couldn't kill X with a ctrl-alt-bksp).
> > Everything was fine after that.
> Hmm, interesting. Unfortunately, it sounds like two
> different problems--for one thing, I'm currently using
> Lenny. For another, I don't leave my computer up all the
> time--I turn it on when I need to use it and off when I
> don't. So a simple reboot won't do the trick. Also, I am
> able to kill X with C-M-<backspace>.

so that means your C and M are mapped right, maybe your F keys aren't?
this gets into things I don't know about, but that's where I'd
look. Pull up a program that uses F keys and see if they work
properly. or use xev to see what happens.


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