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Re: Bread

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Greg Folkert wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 12:03 +0200, Joe Hart wrote:
>> Steven Ringwald wrote:
>>> On 4/10/07, *Julian De Marchi* <julian@jdcomputers.com.au
>>> <mailto:julian@jdcomputers.com.au>> wrote:
>>>     Michelle Konzack wrote:
>>>     > Am 2007-03-30 17:55:14, schrieb Andrew J. Barr:
>>>     >> On Fri, 2007-03-30 at 15:51 -0500, John Hasler wrote:
>>>     >>> Joe Hart writes:
>>>     >>>> Which country is this?  Here, Aldi doesn't ever sell bread that
>>>     cheap.
>>>     >>> I'm in the US.  I suspect that we are talking about a different
>>>     company.
>>>     >> Aldi is from Northern Europe, which country exactly escapes me at the
>>>     >> moment. It's the same company I believe. Their target markets may be
>>>     >> different here in the US than in Europe, but it is the same company
>>>     >> AFAIK.
>>>     >
>>>     > ALDI is a german supermarket group created by two brothers...
>>>     > Two super-rich guys...
>>>     >
>>>     > They are in DE, AT, CH, FR, NL, BE, LUX, ES and some other
>>>     > european countries.
>>>     >
>>>     You forgot good old Australia. We have Aldi here.
>>> Missed the beginning of the thread, but the ones in Arkansas, USA are
>>> just like the ones that I remember from Germany....
>> Except for what they sell.  Aldi, like most other international
>> companies caters their business to the location.  You can find thing
>> like Bitterkoeken in the ALDI here, but I bet they don't have them
>> there. They might actually have them, but they sure don't call them the
>> same things so you'd never know.
> Boterkoeken?

No, that translates to butter cookies, which are not the same thing.
> My family in Holland, Michigan (and surrounding burgs) make them nearly
> everyday.
> Nice tasty "croissant" rolls with raisins and other goodly stuff. I've
> had variants called the same name... but you never know what my
> grandmother will change next time. She calls them all Boterkoeken, but I
> don;t know if she is right or not. I don't speak any version of Dutch.

We have something similar here but and we just call them croissants, not
matter what is in them, or perhaps you're referring to appelflappen.
Bitterkoeken are hard to explain since I don't make them myself, but
have a slight trace of vanilla in them, and definitely no raisins.

> There are a couple of bakeries that sell only "real" stuff, one in
> Overisel and one in Vriesland, both connected to homes.

I knew there was a large Dutch population in Michigan, and I have no
doubt that you can find some authentic Dutch food.  I wonder if they go
all out and make meals like stompotboerenkool (which is basically mashed
potatoes mixed with kale), a very traditional Dutch mean and IMO,
unpalatable.  I miss my American food.  Some things I import, like
French's mustard.  I can't handle the Dutch kind.

I suppose none of this really matters.  What it boils down to is that
supermarkets cater to their local markets.


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