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Re: KDE system tray - erratic behaviour

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Ken Heard wrote:
> Another example: the adept-notifier package is supposed to show an icon
> in the system tray on log in by any user if there are packages to be
> upgraded.  For one user the system tray icon display was inadvertently
> removed.  That user wants it back, but I was unable to do so.

adept-notifier will appear and disappear from the tray (the green ball)
it is a bug in adept-notifier, not spefic to ksystray.  However, when
there are packages available, the icon will appear with the icon that
indicates there are package updates available.  Since I run Sid, it is
almost always there.  I like that it says how many packages are
available, so for one or two, I don't bother taking the time to upgrade,
unless of course I know a bug that is bugging me is fixed.

> Are these KDE bugs (one or two of many, in my experience); or is it just
> me?  If the former, should I report them to KDE?  If the latter, I would
> appreciate advice as to what I should do about them.
>                 Ken Heard

No question that there are bugs in KDE.  There are bugs in most
programs, but unless they get reported, they will stay bugs.  3.5.6
fixes many bugs, but Etch is frozen at 3.5.5, and I seriously doubt a
backport for it.  One can hope.

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