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KDE system tray - erratic behaviour

The system tray on the KDE panel does not display icons for some of the applications I designate in the KDE menu editor to be displayed there. For instance, I want Kjots and Knotes icons to be in the system tray and so indicated in the KDE menu; but they do not appear.

Another example: the adept-notifier package is supposed to show an icon in the system tray on log in by any user if there are packages to be upgraded. For one user the system tray icon display was inadvertently removed. That user wants it back, but I was unable to do so.

Are these KDE bugs (one or two of many, in my experience); or is it just me? If the former, should I report them to KDE? If the latter, I would appreciate advice as to what I should do about them.

				Ken Heard

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