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Re: Newbie Question - KDE-Gnome-xfce

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Kevin Mark wrote:
>> As stated previously I am a newbie in the Linux world, but one that seen 
>> enough to know that there is no going back now! So currently I don't really 
>> have a loyalty to any of the higher level window systems. I would be 
>> interested in knowing from your experience why you feel that Gnome is 
>> superior to KDE. I guess what I am looking for deals more with the 
>> functionality than anything else and not speed. So far going from Windoze to 
>> Linux/KDE is like going from dialup to wireless! 

> One of the things about the free software world is that you dont have
> the artifical issues about cost to consider. Most newbies try a few
> distros, try a few windowmanager, a few text editors, etc. With the
> issue of cost out of the way, it all about find out what works for you
> and even pitching in to make something even better by making a tweak for
> your own needs and sometimes giving that back for others to enjoy. 
> I'm currently using xfce4 as my system has 256mb and xfce is gaining
> some nice integration. Free software extends your investment in hardware
> by maybe double.

Well said Kevin.  Personally, I started out with Gnome but switched to
KDE because it has more options to configure it the way I like it.
Interoperability between the different KDE programs is very good, and it
has a consistant interface.  Gnome has the consistant interface, but
lacks some of the configurability of KDE and also has IMO, one of the
worst file managers produced.

It has been said that KDE also more resembles Windows, so you can get
used to using it much quicker.  I don't really agree with that because
KDE has a lot more functionality than Windows does.  If your machine is
older, and you don't have a lot of memory, then I would suggest you try
xfce.  Kevin uses it, and one of my old computers uses it.

Just because distributions default to something doesn't mean that other
things don't work on them.  The beauty of Debian is that almost
everything is available in the repositories.  You can use whatever you
feel most comfortable with.  The only way you will know what fits you
best is to try them.  Don't take anyone else's word, including mine.


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