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Re: Pronunciation of common Linux-related words

cga2000 wrote:
> About 20 miles East of the city.

   Well, more like zero (Queens and Brooklyn are part of both the city
and the Island, unless you're talking like the locals, to whom The City
is Manhattan, and the rest is referred to by borough name) to 120 miles
east.  There's a reason they call it _Long_ Island.  :-)

> I guess you were referring to a New York City accent like in the old
> gangster movies?  Like Jimmy Cagney, maybe?

   It ain't just the old movies---that accent is alive and well and
living in Queens.  How Queens and Brooklyn accents can be so different
(they're adjacent on the Island) is beyond me.

	    Best wishes,

	    	 Max Hyre (from New Haven, Connecticut, where The City
			  is indeed Manhattan)

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