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Re: Speeding up boot time

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 22:26:27 -0300, "Jorge Peixoto de Morais Neto"
<please.no.spam.here@gmail.com> said:
> >
> >
> > Hmm.... I will try to get as much as possible here. As the system hasn't
> > booted fully till the error comes, I can't find a way to copy the
> > messages it gives. Essentially it stops due to inability to start
> > system/mountfs daemon (or service ?).
> Hum... It would probably be more productive if you asked help on the
> initng
> mailing list. The only information I can give you is this:
> If you issue ngc -6, you reboot your computer
> If you issue ngc -l, you have a log. AFAIK, it works like this:
> You issue ngc -l <opt>, and the system will execute option and save the
> log.
> For example, ngc -l -6 will reboot and save the log. Than you issue a
> simple
> ngc -l and get the log.
> However, I believe the ngc -l only works if you are running initng...

Yes, that is the problem. It was never able to finish booting as the
critical error comes up and asks me to logon to the minimal shell if I
want to change something to solve the problem.

> There must be another way to get a log. Please post this on the initng
> mailing list.
> Of course, I would simply take a picture with my digital camera...
>  And if you are patient enough, you can simply copy with pencil and
>  paper.
> You can press scroll lock to pause the boot.
digicam is a good option ;)
Ok, this time it gave me the login screen :). Going into console(if
there is any) and restarting with the logging option.


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