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How to: Mount NTFS filesystems RW


I am dual booting my desktop and most everything is working fine.

But, I can't get to my Win 2k disks unless I am logged on as root.
The arg line in fstab specifies rw, but they are mounted ro for root
only! Note: since Windows is not running they aren't smb or exported.

I really don't like to run as root because I make a lot of typos, some of
which could be disastrous!

Here is what happens: (Notice I am root right now.)

   /dev/hda1 on /cdrv type ntfs (rw,uid=0,gid=100)
   root@dgwicks:/# chmod a+rx /cdrv
   chmod: changing permissions of `/cdrv': Read-only file system

And everything is still 400 or 600. Nothing changes.

Any suggestions??

Many TIA!

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