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Re: How to: Mount NTFS filesystems RW

The standard implementation of NTFS for Linux is read-only IIRC. There is NTFS-3g, which is rw, you can try that.

As for the partition being mounted root-only, read the manual page of mount (man mount). Look in the section "Mount options for ntfs" for the options uid=value,gid=value and umask=value.

Also, it might be convenient to study the option "user". IIRC, this is a standard mount option (that is, not specific to NTFS) that allows any user (that is, not only root) to mount a given mount point. Look it up in the man page.

    /dev/hda1 on /cdrv type ntfs (rw,uid=0,gid=100)
    root@dgwicks :/# chmod a+rx /cdrv
    chmod: changing permissions of `/cdrv': Read-only file system

And everything is still 400 or 600. Nothing changes.

Any suggestions??

Many TIA!

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