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Re: Bug in acroread?

Mike McCarty wrote:
Joe Hart wrote:
judd@wadsworth.org wrote:

    I doubt that this is specific to debian, but has anyone noticed
this bug in acroread?  I've noticed that if I print pages in reverse, I
can't print in the forward direction until I quit the program and
restart it.

What happens when you use ghostview to print the same pdf?  Or KPDF if
you use KDE?  Those are _supported_ pdf viewers, while acroread is

Perhaps you should take this up with Adobe, since they are the only ones
that can fix it.

Amazing. OT threads covering abortion, religion, politics etc. ad
nauseum persist for weeks with hardly a complaint, and this guy asks a
question which is actually more or less on topic, and he gets chastized.

I agree. There is a tendency on the list to chastise topical questions with "google for it" while OT threads go on for ever. BTW the list's track record in actually answering and solving *topical* questions, in my opinion, is 'C'.


In answer, I have not noticed that. Normally, if I select reverse
order print, then I want it to stay that way, and have not as a
consequence had that problem. I'm doing some stuff which precludes
trying a test right now, but when I've got some time I'll give it
a try.


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