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Re: Bug in acroread?

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Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> The concept behind pdf is a different one. The aim is not to have every
> thing printed to the margins on different paper sizes. The concept is
> that the printout, including line and page breaks, should be the same no
> matter where the file is viewed/printed. I could send a pdf to someone
> across the atlantic and we could discuss about line 3 on page 5. Any
> format that you seem to advocate would use the paper space more
> efficiently, but consequently fail for that.

I agree, that is beneficial.  It keeps table of contents and indexes
accurate, which if the page breaks change would not.
> Depending on different needs, there are advantages and disadvantages to
> both forms. Most people seem to prefer the advantages of pdf.
> Besides, the pdf format was never forced on anyone. Argueably, the M$'s
> .doc format was promoted and/or forced on users much more heavily.
> Regarding the features you require, it's also a closer match. However,
> it is so ill designed and so closed proprietary, that it is unusable as
> a standard.

I disagree about it being forced on us.  Many documents on the web are
PDF format.  Most hardware comes without manuals and the documents are
pdf files.

> We should thank Adobe that --despite the limitations-- their format is
> usable and efficient -- both read and write on open source. I use it on
> a daily basis and it is efficient for my needs.

Can you point me to a link where I can get the source for PDF?  The DRM
information and all?  IMO, Arcoread is just a marketing tool for Adobe
so that people will buy Acrobat.  Very similar to Wordpad (until
recently) being able to read .doc files but not create them.  Wordpad
free, Word not.

Is postscript so bad that everyone needs pdf?  No.  The fact that PDF
files are hard to edit is what makes them so popular in the business world.

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