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Re: No Mouse in X

On 3/5/07, Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> wrote:

in response to my query below:

> I have been having problems configuring my mouse in X.

Andrew's suggestion:

are you using any utility that might interfere with a mouse (I'm
specifically thinking of gpm here).

In summary, my problem was that X would load but the mouse would be
frozen on the screen.

Bingo, Andrew - your suggestion that there might be interference by
another utility (maybe gpm) causing the problem proved to be the

I issued the command:        killall gpm

and then :                          startx

and I now have a working gnome desktop.

Thanks to the group for all the useful suggestions. I now have a
functional wireless network (using a problematic WLAN D-Link 520+
card), can cruise around to view the system arrangement and view docs
and logs (using mc, in colour!) and now have a graphic desktop. This
was only possible due to the help offered by the debian community.

Dave W.

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