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Re: fvwm (was: Re: Firefox/Iceweasel's weird close/quit behaviour)

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 11:12:27PM +0100, Joe Hart wrote:
> I installed fvwm, and I'm running it in another session, I must say,
> without messing with any configuration, it looks quite impressive.  It
> seems faster than kde, which is a no-brainer since KDE is so demanding
> on the resources.

Yep, hunting out apps which don't need KDE/Gnome which do the same job
can be a bit of a pain.

> I really like when you move into a window it puts focus on the window
> without bringing it to the front.  That can be handy for some apps.

All configurable.

Have a look at your ~/.fvwm/.fvwmrc file.

Did you install fvwm-themes?

Don't forget to check that your /etc/apt/sources.lst entries point to 
etch and not testing, otherwise you may end up with a broken system once
etch goes stable.

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