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Re: Firefox/Iceweasel's weird close/quit behaviour

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KS wrote:
> Long time ago Firefox used to behave like a normal Linux application
> with regards to keyboard shortcuts to close/quit the application.
> However, somewhere during the 1.5.x release or with 2.0, the Ctrl+Q does
> not do anything. Ctrl+W closes one tab at a time only and Ctrl+Shift+W
> quits the application (with more than 1 tabs open also).
> Why is it that it does not follow the *normal* keyboard shortcut of
> Ctrl+Q for quitting the application? All the applications that I used
> with either KDE or GNOME have Ctrl+Q as the shortcut to quit
> application. Am I missing something while expecting that Firefox should
> also behave like the others on Linux at least?

You have to consider that Firefox's main target is Windows, not Linux.
Actually, according to the mozilla documentation, they specifically
write code that is portable, and even has guidelines on how to do it.

That being said, the program is different, only in slight ways between a
 Windows version and a Unix version.  You can press ctrl-w to close a
window (current tab).  Pressing the same key when only one window is
open will exit the program.

Koqueror, the all-in-one file manager and browser, on the the other hand
follows the same rule to close the windows, however ctrl-w will not
close the program, nor will ctrl-q.  Sadly to say, you're going to have
to get used to new shortkuts, or you can download the source code and
change the shortcuts and recompile.

Alt-F4 (the Windows shortcut for closing a program) works on both.

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