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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Paul Johnson wrote:
> There is.  Democrats have had a stranglehold on the center ever since the
> Republicans ceded the right-of-center in favor of the hard right in the
> late 1990s.

    Paul, the Democrats are no more centrist than the Republicans are.

> Just because the candidates are extremists doesn't mean the party platform
> is, or that they'll be nominated.

    No, reread what I said again.  The joy of primaries is that the extreme
side controls the candidate's vote because in their party they (the extreme)
are the majority.  That is why you see the Democratic nominees pandering to
the extreme left as much as the Republicans pander to the extreme right in the
primaries and then, for the general election, they flip and try to move just
far enough center to keep a hold on their extreme left/right party members
while appearing centrist enough to capture the swing voters.

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